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Stop in Rudy's and take home some chocolate for that special someone or enjoy your chocolate with a glass of Indiana wine or with a micro beer. Either way they are the best!

DeBrand products are made from the purest, most natural ingredients. Whether they are imported Belgium chocolates, inclusions from around the world, or fresh local ingredients, the quality and freshness of each chocolate remains our absolute top priority.

DeBrand makes all of our centers from scratch. These include fresh crèmes, rich caramels, decadent ganaches, truffles, brittles, smooth creams and much more. They meticulously pair each center with one of their various high quality chocolates.

To significantly extend the life of your chocolates, follow the instructions below.

Triple wrap your box of chocolates in plastic wrap, foil or freezer bags before placing in refrigerator (to extend 1 month) or freezer (to extend up to 6 months). When removing the chocolates, allow the box to come to room temperature (about 2 hours if refrigerated, about 8 hours if frozen) before unwrapping.

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